If you’ve recently moved into a house with a fireplace or just want a refresher course on tools and other fireplace essentials, keep reading to learn about the items you need to build a warm, cozy fire.

Safety Essentials: A Fireplace Toolset

To maintain the fire, a fireplace tool set will come in handy. This set usually includes five pieces including tongs, a poker, a broom, a shovel, and a stand to contain the tools. You’ll find quality tool sets online and at your local hardware store.

The tongs are used as you would use kitchen tongs: for picking things up. Use these to rearrange logs. The poker is for shifting the logs in the fireplace. Use the broom to sweep up ashes after the fire is out and the shovel is for collecting the ashes and removing them from the firebox.


Fireplace bellows are a tool that is used to blow air onto the flames, providing oxygen to help start or stoke a fire. They often have an old-fashioned appearance, with wooden paddles connected to each other with leather. There’s a nozzle through which air is expelled by pushing together the paddle handles.

Accessories for Lighting a Fire

This may seem like a no-brainer for basic fireplace needs, but it’s important to have the correct tools to start a fire. Tiny matches or a regular lighter aren’t the best tools to safely start a fire. When shopping for matches, purchase long fireplace matches. The longer stick allows you more reach into the firebox. You’ll also find push-button lighters designed with a long, rounded nozzle that allows you to keep your distance when starting the fire.

A Log Rack

You can stack your logs anywhere, but a log rack is nice for keeping your firewood neatly contained. Some even come with a carrier so you can easily transport firewood from outside to inside the house. With many styles to choose from, you can purchase a utilitarian rack or build one as a DIY project to store your firewood.

Fire Gloves

Sturdy gloves are helpful for moving firewood and dealing with heat and flames. They will protect your hands from splinters and burns. These gloves are made from a material that is heat-resistant, so you can safely tend to your fire.

A Fire Extinguisher is one of the Important Fireplace Essentials

Any open flame in your home is a hazard, so be sure to have a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-access location. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to use it. This tool allows you to keep your fireplace safe. You can extinguish a small fire before it spreads throughout your home.

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