As summer comes to a close, prepare your home for cooler weather. Here are 5 late summer home projects to work on now.

Late Summer Home Projects for the Deck

You have probably gotten a lot of use out of your deck this summer, making it dirty. The end of summer is a good time to clean it off. If it has gotten dirt caked on it, rent a pressure washer to spray it off. If there is mold or mildew growing, apply a multi-surface stain remover that eliminates organic growth on deck surfaces. Remove cobwebs and other debris that may have built up between the railings over the summer. Spray off deck furniture and clean outdoor pillows and rugs.

Take Down Dead Trees

It is easier to identify dead trees in the summer because it is a time of year that all trees should have leaves growing. If you see a bare tree on your property in the summertime, you can bet that it is dead. It’s important to remove dead trees because they could fall on your house, car, or a neighbors property. Fall and winter weather makes it more likely for this to happen with heavy winds, ice, and snow. Inspect your yard for trees with no leaves and hire a tree expert to take any dead trees down.

Build a Firewood Shed

If you’ve taken down a dead tree or two, you can have the wood chopped up for firewood. It will likely be more than enough to last you through the winter, and you’ll need somewhere to store it. Firewood needs to season in a dry place off the ground. Build a firewood shed that consists of a raised platform with a roof over it. Don’t build it too close to your home, because it can be an invitation for pests to nest.

Late Summer Home Projects: Add Storm Windows

Storm windows protect your windows during heavy wind storms and add insulation to your windows. At the end of summer, install storm windows on all of your windows to add an extra layer of protection.

Check Out Fall Yard Equipment

Once fall hits, you’ll need your leaf blower and other yard equipment to be ready to use. Test out the leaf blower, add fuel, and tune it up. Check the condition of rakes, snow shovels, and other tools you use during the colder months. You may even want to stock up on leaf bags and ice melt now.

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