Building a new house is a dream come true. However, if the house is not built properly, it can turn into an ongoing hassle. You need to guarantee that your dream house is free from hidden defects that cause problems over time. This is where the builder’s warranty and builder’s warranty inspection add value.

The builder’s warranty offers coverage for the cost of damage related to construction materials, workmanship, and major structural elements. On the other hand, the warranty inspection is an order that usually happens eleven months after the construction to check the property for possible damage.

Most builders offer a builder’s warranty, but you can only take full advantage of it if you have had an inspection.

A Builder’s Warranty Inspection Protects the Homeowner

After your property is built, you have a year to use the builder’s warranty. Meaning, for 12 months, your builder will be responsible for repairs that are covered by the warranty. Schedule a builders warranty inspection for the 11th month to discover what needs to be repaired and fixed.

Although new houses rarely need significant repairs, you can have a third-party inspector visit and check the possible issues that can worsen over time. By remedying them early, you can save thousands in costs later on.

Timely Inspections Can Save Money and Lives

A professional inspector can discover structural defects and safety issues that are not visible to an average person. Detecting these flaws and safety hazards saves money and even lives. Problems like a deck that isn’t adequately supported and electrical defects pose serious risks to everyone inhabiting the house. An inspector will not only check for issues that could be expensive to repair but also problems that may cause injury. You’ll have more peace of mind moving into your new house knowing that the structure is secure and the house is free of fire hazards.

These are just a few benefits of ordering a builder’s warranty inspection within the duration of your builder warranty. Add a reminder to schedule this service on your calendar.

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