Building a new construction home is a lengthy process. You’ve purchased the land and drafted plans with an architect. You’ve watched the house be built from the foundation up. Now it is almost finished and you are excited to move. As eager as you may be to bring your things and settle in, it is important to hire a third-party home inspector first. A home inspection on new construction will help you catch issues, large or small, that should be fixed before you move into your new home.

Have a Home Inspection on New Construction Because it is a Big Investment

Buying property and building a brand new house is a significant investment. This generally costs more than purchasing a previously lived-in home. You may have designed your dream house to be your “forever home”.

When spending so much money, you want everything to be right. You shouldn’t have to worry about things wearing out prematurely and having to replace components anytime soon. A clean inspection report will give you peace of mind about your investment.

It Takes Many Different Workers to Build a New Home

The builder you have chosen may be reputable and qualified, but this isn’t who will be doing most of the actual labor. A general contractor subcontracts specialists for different components of the build: electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, HVAC technicians, painters, and more.

Most of the time, more than one component will be worked on simultaneously. With so many moving parts, it is possible for mistakes to be made and missed. An inspection will point out incorrectly installed components, damaged materials, and sub-par workmanship.

Code Inspections Aren’t the Same as Home Inspections

You’ll have to get a code inspection from a municipal inspector to obtain the certificate of occupancy. Why do you need another inspection after that? The code inspection is exactly what it sounds like; it only inspects for building code compliance which is a minimal set of standards. Building code inspections don’t assess most of what will be covered in a more thorough general home inspection.

Get Problems Fixed Before You Move In with a Home Inspection on New Construction

Having work done in your home once you’re living there is a big inconvenience. There is noise, construction dust, and a lack of privacy. If there are issues that need to be fixed in your new house, it is best to learn about them before you move in. This way, repairs can be made while the house is unoccupied. Schedule your inspection in advance to allow enough time to make any repairs before your move-in date.

While you hope your new home is flawless, you simply can’t assume that to be the case. A home inspection on new construction will help you navigate this period of finalizing your purchase.

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