Whether you’re getting ready to put your house on the market or are wanting to make improvements for your own benefit, here are a few DIY projects to upgrade your bathroom and increase the value of your home.

Update the Lighting

Whether it’s a new build or an older home, chances are the contractor-grade lighting in the bathroom is in need of an update. Install bright fixtures above the sink that will provide sufficient lighting for getting ready in the mornings. If you enjoy taking a bath, add a dimmer switch to enjoy a relaxing soak with low lighting.

New Cabinet Hardware is an Easy Project to Upgrade Your Bathroom

The easiest bathroom update is replacing the cabinet hardware with new pieces. This is quick and affordable and you’ll only need a screwdriver. Measure the current handles and drawer pulls to determine the correct size. Shop online or at your local hardware store to find a style that suits your bathroom, whether it’s modern and minimalist or a rustic farmhouse vibe.

Install New Faucets

Replacing the faucets on your sinks, showers, and bathtubs will significantly improve the look of your bathroom. Matching the metals creates a seamless look throughout the space. Invest in a new showerhead with different pressure settings. You can enjoy a spa-like shower experience with a simple upgrade.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror

The mirror is a focal point of every bathroom, yet is often overlooked when styling the space. For a bathroom upgrade that can have a major impact, improve the mirror. If you have a large mirror that spans the width of the vanity, add a stained wood or tile frame to give it a custom-finished look. Alternatively, you might choose to shop for a new mirror at a home improvement store. For a piece with personality, shop second-hand or thrift stores for an antique mirror that you can use in your bathroom.

These easy bathroom upgrades can usually be completed in a day. Improve your space, take pride in your work, and boost the value of your home with a few simple home improvements.

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