Most homeowners want to maintain a healthy lawn through the hottest parts of the year, though higher temperatures and droughts can stress your yard. Here are some tips for summer lawn care to keep it looking its best.

Create a Plan for Summer Lawn Care

While looking ahead to summer, develop a schedule for lawn care. Tasks such as watering and fertilizing should be planned in advance to promote optimal levels of nutrition and irrigation. Have your lawn mower serviced to sharpen the blades. Dull blades can damage the lawn.

Allow the Grass to Grow Taller in Summer

In hotter months, a closely cropped lawn is a threat to the health of your grass. Raise the setting on your lawn mower blades for summer. Mow the grass blades no shorter than 3-4 inches in height, because a longer length shades the grass’s roots from the hot summer sun and helps the soil retain water.

Summer Lawn Care Requires Efficient Irrigation

The key to watering your lawn properly is to water the grass deeply a few times a week rather than watering briefly on a daily basis. Longer, less frequent irrigation sessions will encourage your grass to grow deeper roots and make your lawn more resilient. Water in the early morning hours when the moisture is least likely to evaporate before being absorbed.

Fertilize Carefully in Summer

The chemical balance of the soil beneath your grass is very important. If you choose to use a fertilizer in the summer, look for one that is safe to use in hot weather. Follow the directions carefully when you apply the product to your lawn. Keep a schedule of recommended times to reapply. Fertilize your lawn evenly and on schedule, since over-fertilization can lead to discoloration of the grass.

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