Termites are small pests, but they can do a lot of damage in a short time. Termites destroy the wooden components of your home. They can cause extensive damage to door frames, window sills, and even the structural components of a building. Here are a few ways to prevent termites in the home.

Order a Pest Inspection to Prevent Termites in the Home

The first step in your termite prevention efforts should be to schedule an inspection with a professional pest control company. These individuals are trained to spot signs of termite activity. They will discuss your options for treatments if termites are found. A pest control service may also offer preventative treatments that are used in conjunction with other methods.

Reduce Access to Your Home

Due to their small size, termites can use even the tiniest cracks and crevices to gain access to a building. To help prevent a termite infestation in your home, seal all cracks, gaps, and holes in your foundation, around windows and doors, and around water pipes and gas lines.

Remove Sources of Food

Termites are attracted to anything that is made from wood or cellulose. Firewood and landscaping mulch are appealing to a termite colony. Stacks of firewood should be at least 20 feet from your house. If termites are a problem in your area, you might replace wood-based landscaping mulch with an inorganic alternative such as rubber mulch or pea gravel. If you cannot find a suitable alternative, keep mulch at least six inches from your home’s foundation and create a barrier between the soil or mulch and the foundation.

Eliminate Moisture to Prevent Termites in the Home

Moisture creates an appealing environment for termites. To prevent termites in the home, take steps to eliminate damp areas around the property. Repair pipe leaks, make sure your crawlspace has proper ventilation, and clean and fix gutters. Verify that gutter downspouts and sprinklers are directed away from your home.

Home maintenance and monitoring are important to prevent termite infestations. Fill any gaps and cracks and keep an eye on woodpiles and outdoor structures. Call a professional if you notice any signs of termites in the home.

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