Winter is often is the most expensive season for homeowners because of heating costs. Fortunately, there are ways to heat your home more efficiently and lower your heating bills. If you have the budget, you might make a large investment, like a new and more efficient HVAC system. However, many people prefer to lower their bills with more affordable measures. Here are 5 tips for saving energy this winter.

Use the Power of the Sun to Lower Your Heating Bills

Pay attention to where the sun shines through your windows the brightest. Generally, south-facing windows receive the most sunlight. Open the blinds or curtains to let the sunshine through. The warmth from the sun will heat up the room a couple of degrees for free. At night, close the window treatments to insulate the windows against cold air.

Get the Most Out of Your Heating System

A heating system that is well-maintained runs more efficiently. While a yearly furnace servicing does come with a fee, it is negligible compared to the cost of emergency repairs or running a system that’s in poor shape. The technician will clean, inspect, and change the filter on your heating system, which helps it run at peak performance.

Lower Your Heating Bills with a Space Heater

When you have a large home, it gets expensive to heat the entire space at your desired temperature. If you spend most of your time in one room or area, buy a space heater to supplement your central heat. This way, you can turn your thermostat down a few degrees for the rest of your house and stay most comfortable where you are spending time. Don’t use an old space heater, though, because they use too much energy. Instead, choose a newer, efficient model. Building a fire in your fireplace is another way to heat up an area of your house to give the heating system a break.

Stop Air Leaks and Drafts

When warm air leaks out of your home through the gaps and cold drafts are blown inside, your heating system will struggle to maintain the set temperature. Look for areas around doors and windows that aren’t airtight and fix them using a combination of adhesive weatherstripping and silicone caulk. Once you seal up the home and keep the heat inside, you’ll help to lower your heating bills.

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