To create a welcoming, relaxing deck or patio to enjoy during the warmer summer months, check out these ideas. You’ll improve the deck, courtyard, patio, and even curb appeal.

Improve the Deck or Patio With a Fire Pit

If you have the space to build one safely, a fire pit is a great way to stay warm and provide a cozy ambiance on your deck or patio after the sun goes down.

Entertain With a Bar Cart

Keep a bar cart on your deck or patio for your next summer gathering. Stock the cart with cups, straws, mixers, and garnishes. You’ll have a space to serve drinks and make entertaining easier. 

Take Advantage of Natural Shade to Improve the Deck

Shade is essential when spending time outdoors, especially during hot summer days. Be resourceful by placing seating directly underneath trees overhanging the deck or patio. If that’s not possible, invest in a retractable canopy or a patio umbrella.

Add Privacy to Your Deck or Patio

If you want a more private space to relax, hang weather-resistant curtains along one side of the deck. Alternatively, you could build a privacy fence by recycling old pallets or create a trellis wall and grow climbing plants along the grid.

Choose Efficient Storage Options

Store outdoor equipment, such as fishing rods, sports gear, toys, and pool supplies, out of sight in a shed or garage during the summer. If you don’t have a storage area, shop for furniture that doubles as storage, such as hollow benches, lift-top tables, and ottomans.

To Improve the Deck, Upgrade the Lighting

If you want to entertain after dark, you need good lighting for your outdoor space. Add fairy lights, paraffin torches, and solar-powered lanterns for the deck. Install path lights to brighten the walkway that leads to the deck.

Get Creative With Plants

Floral arrangements and plants are an attractive and natural way to decorate your deck or patio. Install larger potted plants and hanging baskets of brightly colored flowers.

Hang a Hammock to Improve the Deck

A hammock is a great place to relax at the end of a long day. Choose a cool spot in the shade to hang the hammock.

Add Color

When decorating your outdoor living spaces, add color. Choose a vibrant chair or loveseat, or brighten the area with throw pillows and an outdoor rug. 

Shop Yard Sales to Personalize Your Deck or Patio

Check yard sales in your area (or online marketplaces) for outdoor décor, especially if you’re designing on a budget. You can often find patio furniture and other items for your deck at a discounted price.

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