Keeping a tidy home can be a challenge, especially with children around. But, rather than fighting the constant mess, why not enlist your little ones to help? It will save you time and energy and teach them valuable household skills that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. Let’s discuss several chores your children can tackle with your help. Housecleaning with kids allows you to tackle these tasks as a family so everyone can enjoy a tidier home.

Tips for Housecleaning with Kids

1. Dusting

Most children can help dust the house, especially using a microfiber cloth or feather duster. Give them a designated area to focus on, such as the coffee table or bookshelves, and let them get to work. Show them how to use the duster to avoid spreading dust around.

2. Vacuuming

Depending on your child’s age, they can help with vacuuming. Show younger children how to use a handheld vacuum to remove dirt and debris from small spaces, such as under the couch or in corners. Older kids may be ready to handle a full-sized vacuum and can assist with vacuuming carpets and floors throughout the house.

3. Housecleaning with Kids: Sorting Laundry

Laundry is a never-ending chore, but children can alleviate some of the burden. Have the kids sort the laundry into different piles, such as lights and darks. After washing, kids can determine what clothes belong to which family member. For younger children, matching socks can be a fun and easy task to keep them engaged.

4. Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows can be tough, but with your kids’ help, it’s much more manageable. Give them a spray bottle filled with a homemade window cleaner and a squeegee, and let them tackle the lower parts of the windows. Make sure to supervise them to avoid spills and accidents. Don’t expect the windows to be spotless. Children are learning, and you may find spots and streaks. Be forgiving, wipe overlooked areas, and your kids will get better at this task over time.

5. Kids Can Sweep During Housecleaning

Sweeping is another chore most children can assist with. Give them a child-sized broom and dustpan, and designate an area for them to clean, such as under the kitchen table or in the entryway. Young children can handle a small hand broom and dustpan. Older kids can manage a full-size broom and sweep the kitchen.

6. Watering Plants

Kids of all ages enjoy caring for houseplants. Teach your children about each plant’s needs regarding sunlight and water. Help them create a watering schedule. Kids will get involved and can take pride in thriving, healthy houseplants.

Keeping a clean house can be challenging, but you can make cleaning a fun family activity. With a little guidance, your children can be valuable helpers in maintaining a tidy home. By involving them in household chores, you’re lightening your load and teaching them practical skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

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