Maintenance is part of owning a home. You can complete the tasks yourself or hire professionals to handle them for you. Many homeowners choose a combination of both, depending on the work needed. Here are six professional home maintenance services you should schedule to keep your property in great shape.

6 Home Maintenance Services to Schedule

1. Water Heater Servicing

Whether you have a storage water heater or a newer tankless model, both need regular maintenance. Hire a plumber to perform an annual check-up on your water heater.

With a traditional tank or storage water heater, the plumber will drain the tank and clear the sediment from inside. He or she will also inspect the anode rod, verify the temperature settings, and check the temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve. The plumber will also inspect the burner on a gas water heater or the heating elements on an electric model.

Tankless models need routine maintenance as well. The plumber will check the burners and verify the temperature. Flushing the pipes to remove sediment is another common part of the process.

2. Home HVAC Maintenance Services

Your heating and cooling system works hard year-round to maintain a comfortable temperature. To keep the unit running smoothly and efficiently, it needs routine maintenance.

Call an HVAC professional and schedule an annual service appointment. Other things you can do to keep it running well include removing all tall grass, debris, and anything else that could be obstructing the outdoor portion of your system. Dust the air vents and make sure there’s nothing blocking the airflow.

3. Air Duct Cleaning

One of the often forgotten parts of your HVAC system is the air ducts that deliver hot and cold air throughout your home. The air movement redistributes a lot of dust that settles into the air ducts. Every few years, hire a professional service to clean the ducts. Many HVAC companies have the equipment to complete this task.

4. Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Gutter cleaning is another chore you can do or hire a company to complete this job. The process involves removing leaves and other debris from the gutters to help water flow freely through the system.

Doing the job yourself will require the better part of a day on most houses. Be sure to have a helper to hold the ladder and help gather the discarded debris. If you choose to hire a pro, they can do most homes in just a few hours.

5. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing the outside of your home will instantly improve curb appeal. This, like cleaning gutters, is a job you can do yourself or leave to the pros.  You will need at least a day to clean all sides of the house. If you have a second story or high gables, the job is best left to the pros. They have all the equipment and experience to get the job done safely, quickly, and effectively.

6. Home Maintenance Inspection

Hire a professional to perform a maintenance inspection, which is the same type of service that’s completed when buying or selling a property. An inspector will examine all areas and systems of your home. The report will outline items that need immediate attention and those that will need attention within the next year or two. It’s a great way to keep up with and budget for your home’s maintenance needs.

As the season changes, it’s a good time to get caught up on maintenance and repairs and have a healthy, safe, and comfortable home.

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