Home Improvement Projects for Winter Keep You Productive Indoors

Winter is a busy and festive time during the holiday season. However, once the holidays are over, winter simply becomes dark and dreary. You can keep yourself from falling into a winter slump by staying active and keeping busy with home improvement projects for winter.

Clean Out Closets

Throughout the year, you’ve tossed items into your closets as a means of temporary storage. Now that you’re starting home improvement projects for winter and you want to stay inside while being productive, it’s time to clean out your closets. They may require an entire weekend of time dedicated to organizing your closet.

Start this home improvement project by tackling one closet at a time. Once that closet is clean, move onto a different room on the same floor. This gives you an organized cleaning strategy that optimizes time management and efficiency. Some closets in your home may be tucked away out of regular use and could hold years of old and forgotten items that need to be cleaned out. Your closets will be easier to keep organized once you get rid of all the items you don’t use or need.

Weatherize Windows And Doors

Although most people consider the weatherization of doors and windows as a task to complete before the arrival of winter, it’s one of the most valuable home improvement projects for winter because it helps your home all year round. Gaps can form around your window panes and your doors that allow outside air to leak inside while your conditioned air leaks outside. These air leaks will cause your air conditioner or furnace to work harder to keep your home at the set temperature, resulting in higher energy costs each month.

Weatherizing your windows and doors effectively seals these gaps and reduces your monthly energy costs. The process of weatherizing your doors can be as simple as installing adhesive insulation stripping along the edges of your doors. Weatherizing windows includes sealing gaps using caulk. If you didn’t have a chance to weatherize doors and windows in the fall, it isn’t too late to reap the benefits.

Add A Splash Of Color

The color of the walls inside of your home may seem dull when the weather outside is cold and dreary. Instead of living with a boring aesthetic, add a splash of color as one of your home improvement projects for winter. Consider painting your interior walls a bright, cheerful color to counteract the grey weather and shorter days.

Golds, pinks, and oranges are considered to be mood-elevating colors that help make a room feel more open and bright. Alternatively, you can play around with color themes by painting with multiple colors in one room, allowing them to compliment one another. Even simply applying a new coat of your existing color will freshen and brighten up your home.

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