Buying a home is one of the most rewarding things you and your family can do. Unfortunately, sometimes the purchasing process can be lengthy, emotional, and stressful. As a homebuyer, there are several things you can do to get your offer accepted and move into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t Ask for the Fixtures or Furniture

Some homebuyers love the way a property is staged or the current interior design of the home and want to request the chandelier in the dining room or the couch in the living room.

While some sellers may include these in the selling price, in a competitive market making specific requests can prevent you from getting your offer accepted. Don’t ask for fixtures or furniture that belong to the seller.

Get Your Offer Accepted by Making an Offer Over Asking Price

When the real estate market favors sellers, getting your offer accepted might mean making an offer over the asking price. Many other prospective buyers will offer the exact asking price or below, so offering several thousands of dollars more can make a difference. Talk with your real estate agent about other ways to make your offer more competitive.

Pay for the Home With Cash

Most potential homebuyers cannot afford to pay in cash for a house. If you can, it’s an effective way to get an offer accepted.

Paying in cash means you and the seller will be able to avoid the financial paperwork associated with a mortgage. A cash offer also signifies to the seller that you are serious about purchasing the property.

Make Sure Your Offer is Complete

Some buyers are so excited to make an offer they forget important pieces of the offer. When sellers have multiple offers and some are missing information on the purchase agreement or disclosures, the incomplete offers might not be thoroughly considered.

Include a Leaseback Option to Get Your Offer Accepted

Some sellers might need an extra month or two after closing before they can relocate to their new home. A leaseback lets the seller rent the property from you for a set period after closing. They won’t need to rent an apartment or hotel in between houses. Your real estate agent can help you structure a leaseback as part of your offer.

When trying to buy a home in a competitive market, it’s helpful to make your offer more appealing. You’ll get the seller’s attention and may be able to purchase the home you’re wanting.

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