Moving can be stressful, and even more challenging when you have a big family. If you employ some good tactics and get an early start, it doesn’t have to be so difficult to move into a new home. Use these 4 family moving tips to help make the experience easier.

Family Moving Tips: Color-Code Your Boxes

One great way to make the move easier is by using color-coded boxes or labels. Each family member and room are assigned a color, and then the boxes are packed and color-coded accordingly. Colored duct tape is great for labels or you can use colored markers, instead. Be sure to still label what’s inside of each box, the color-coding just makes it easy to identify where or to whom the box belongs.

Assign Moving Jobs

Another way to make the move go more smoothly is to assign each family member their own moving tasks. Not only does this more evenly spread the burden of the move, but it also gives each family member a role that they can focus on during the moving process. While very young children won’t be able to move their own things, assigning older kids roles will help keep them busy.

Organize a Moving Timetable

One of the best ways to work out a manageable timetable of your move is by using a wall or desk calendar. Steps such as getting moving boxes, changing your address, and final cleaning can then be arranged into a timeline that you can follow each day. A visual guide of all the tasks related to moving helps keep everyone on track.

One of the Best Family Moving Tips: Pack Overnight Bags

Finally, travel bags are essential when it comes to a smooth family move. Each family member should pack a bag with all of the essentials they will need throughout the move, including toothbrush and toothpaste, medications, soap, a change of clothes, and other various toiletries. Take care when packing these bags and keep them separate from everything else so they don’t get lost in the move.

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