If you share a home with cats or dogs, you may notice you’re having to clean more frequently. Muddy paws, dirty fur, and piles of pet hair will keep you busy tidying up. Here are a few house cleaning tips for pet owners that will make maintaining a home with pets easier.

Brush Your Pet

Regular grooming will help keep pet hair under control. Brush your pet outdoors in the evenings or first thing in the morning. Even a pet who doesn’t like to be brushed will eventually get comfortable with a regular schedule.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Lint Rollers

Lint rollers work well for removing fur from furniture, drapes, pillows, and clothing. Keep a lint roller in the area where you get dressed in the morning to remove fur before you leave for work. You’ll also want to have lint rollers around the house: in the living room, office, and bedrooms to pick up pet fur wherever it collects.

Wipe Their Feet at the Door

Train your dog to stop at the door and allow you to wipe down their feet. Keep a damp towel handy for this purpose and reward your pet with a treat.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners Include Vacuuming Regularly

As a pet owner, you’ll need to vacuum more often to keep the house clean. Fur will accumulate on carpets and rugs, on the couch, under chairs, and even on your bedspread. Use the vacuum often and clean the vacuum’s filter and collection container regularly to help keep odors under control.

Take Care of Accidents ASAP

Pets occasionally have accidents in the house. To minimize damage to furnishing or floors, clean them immediately. Use an enzyme cleaner to help remove stains and eliminate odors.

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